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Children2.jpg Welcome to Schulze Family Chiropractic!  It is our mission to tell as many people as possible within our sphere of influence about the principles and benefits of natural health care.  Through chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise rehabilitation we will help our patients achieve their full potential in life and make non-drug solutions their first choice in health care. 

Our goal is to optimize your health by teaching you ways to prevent injury as well as help you with your questions on nutrition, stretches for certain parts of the body, strengthening specific muslce groups to hold your adjustments and stay pain free.  Dr. Randall Schulze specializes in Sports Injuries and Rehabiliation.  Chiropractic has wrongly been reduced to just back and neck pain.  If you suffer from any health problem there is a chance that a conservative alternative solution may be available.  All we ask is that you give us a chance to help you.  To help you in your decision to give us the opportunity to help you, we will offer you a gift.  This gift if a free consultation.  This consultation will help us find what you have done to injure your body.  Bodies break down because of injury or abuse.  If we can find out from your history why your health has been lost, we can plan a way to recover it.  This will be the most thorough consultation you have ever received.  We would then do a screening to determine if the work we do could help you.  If x-rays are necessary, they will be recommended at this time. 

There are several reasons why you should accept this gift:

1)    Health problems get more serious over time.

2)    You'll feel great if we handle your symptoms.  Feeling great is the first step to living life optimally.

3)    We will not waste your time.  If we don't think we can help you, we will let you know right then and there.

4)    You have nothing to lose because we are giving you this consultation as a gift.  No charge!


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