“Have had Trigeminal nerve pain in my head, after meds, painful nasal injections, decided to stop that treatment because the side effects made me feel worse, I couldn’t drive, read, watch TV or do anything and felt trapped in my own home. So, after some research about the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic, the reviews, I had a consult with Dr. Schulze. I liked that he took the time to listen to my issues and explained in detail the findings on the X-rays then the step-by-step treatment I was going to be getting…and after a couple of sessions I am happy to report my facial pain is almost gone…what can I say, I worship this man lol, says she with a big smile on her face. And now, I can plan and do the things l used to without worrying about another full-blown flare-up…I can never thank you enough Doc S, if I may call you that lol…”

~~~~Dorise B.

“I wish I would’ve written this review a long time ago. Dr. Schulze had been my wife’s chiropractor for years now. She has nagging neck pain and she needs to see Dr. Schulze from time to time. As for me, growing up, I had back issues that worsened from playing sports my teenage years. I always just ignored the discomfort. However, one day I literally couldn’t get out of bed because my back pain was so severe. I don’t even remember anything causing this particular issue, it was just years and years of not taking care of my back that caught up to me.

I gave in and saw Dr. Schulze. He got a lot of information from me when I initially visited. He took x-rays and body measurements. It didn’t take long for him to figure out I had a problem. He made some adjustments to my back and I felt a lot better almost immediately. I came in again the next day and left feeling like a million bucks. I continued to see him on a weekly basis for about 6 months until I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort for weeks at a time.

I’ve been seeing him so long now I usually come in once a month and that keeps me going pain-free. I do run a lot and that takes a toll on your back and pelvis. I’m sure if I didn’t do so much running I wouldn’t have to see him as often.

Dr. Schulze is also a very kind and awesome guy. He genuinely cares about his patients and he takes the time with you to make sure you’re doing well. I couldn’t recommend any doctor I’ve ever seen more than him.”

~~~~Casey R.

“This is the best place I have ever found. Moved from 3 different cities and by far, best service, knowledge, and skill. Never felt better!! Thank you so much Dr. Schulze!!!”

~~~~Michael T.

“Dr. Schulze is amazing. He listened to my concerns, addressed certain issues and talked at my level. He is very knowledgeable about body movements and gave me exercises to do at work and at home to aid in my healing. His office is very clean and professional too. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.”

~~~~Tressa W.